Declaration of Independence (from Fictional Future Public Self)

published on

(A mash-up of Jeffersonian-esque declarations and personal development literature written in the afterglow of the 4th of July)

 When in the course of a human's events it becomes necessary for that individual to dissolve the bonds that have connected it to tyranny, and to manifest their notion of truth and power in the here and now, let them pursue that liberty with Great Haste.

We hold this truth to be self-evident: that among those imagined selves we draft as potential versions there can arise a tyranny, a tyranny of inhibitions and worries voiced by that would-be future self, a self that has its origins in a paradoxically distant past. That selves, so crafted by the very young individual, may linger, even into advanced adulthood, and while existing only in the mind of that author, become a burdensome voice in its Executive. These faux selves may on other occasions raise complaints about the individual from a distant shore, providing no redress to these attacks from their safe, unfair and unhearing vantage.

These shadow selves, having existed only as fancies, insist on enfranchisements that are not only unearned by the burden of being, but are pernicious precisely because they are implicitly Naïve, the views of a self that, having not ever held the stage of earth, are too removed and unpracticed to inform the choices and actions of the Individual.

Therefore, let the self that carries the day to day be henceforth and forever free of the tyrannies of the past imagined selves, to live in truth, unity, and amity for the One.